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How to Make a Pretty Good Speech Even Better!

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Here’s an often overlooked fact: no one starts out as a great speaker. It takes a lot of work and a willingness to accept the embarrassment of making mistakes. You start by getting “pretty good,” then work at getting “even better.” And, yes, it’s a painful process.

This book will help get you through that process from a “pretty good” speech to an “even better” speech. With step-by-step directions, sound advice, and good-humored encouragement, Mark Woods serves as your guide, soothing you through the aches (or shakes) and pains of getting up in front of an audience.

You may not love giving a speech or presentation by the time you’re done, but you may find that it’s much more “bear-able.”

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The problem of public speaking lies in expectations, particularly those we place on ourselves. How to Prepare a Pretty Good Speech dispels the myth of the perfect speech, helping readers to understand the basic principles of preparing a speech. Following a very simple, but effective format, this short introduction will help you to become a better speaker through proper preparation and understanding of the process. The best speeches don’t follow a formula, but neither do the worst speeches. Sometimes, all we really need is a pretty good speech. This book shows you how.

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