Make It Good, Make It Better

April 1, 2009 | | Comments Off on Make It Good, Make It Better

There’s so much that goes into being a success, and I’ve tried to demonstrate to you what role public speaking plays in your success. So far, I’ve tried to expand beyond simply showing you how to prepare a speech or utilizing the skills to get a job, a promotion, or a better grade. It’s so much more than that. It’s a way of seeing the world and how you fit within it.

1. It’s a world of people with needs.

2. You have a skill set:

  • The ability to gather meaningful information or develop meaningful arguments
  • The ability to synthesize and organize that information or those arguments
  • The ability to provide what is needed to an audience in an effective and elegant manner

Success in whatever you choose comes from recognizing that this world of people with needs will benefit from your set of skills. Provide for them, and you will find what you’re looking for, whether it is financial rewards, social accolades, or even spiritual fulfillment. My guess is that you might just find all three.

You have it within you to be great public speakers or to use the skills you’ve acquired to be great successes. If you apply these skills, you’ll get pretty good at them (maybe you already have). But, I urge you to take what you have and make it better.

Ask yourselves:

  • How can I make it better?
  • How can I make this sentence, this point, this introduction, this speech better?
  • How can you make other people’s lives better?
  • How can I make this world better?

You can. You can.

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